Always one of the highlights of WAIS Canada is the Product ShowcaseWhere End Investor Meets Manager!

Delegates have an opportunity to hear directly from alternative investment managers and exempt market issuers. Presented in 7 minute segments, this format facilitates fast acquisition of facts and allows direct access to the information you need.

This year’s segments will allow you to hear from up-and-coming products as well as more established managers.

For additional information please contact


Justin Warren, General Manager
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T: 416.306.0151





Morrison Financial is one of Canada’s longest standing private finance firms. With roots in traditional asset based lending, we have expanded into several different areas, becoming one of the largest and most diverse private financiers in Canada. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, and have clients all across Canada, who in turn have customers all over the world. Our financing and investments span a wide range of industries in established and growth-oriented businesses alike.

We believe in providing more than just capital, and seek to play a vital role in helping small to medium sized businesses succeed in Canada. Our financing and investment approach is disciplined and prudent, but flexible in terms of providing creative solutions for our clients. We understand and celebrate the fact that each one of our clients is a unique entity which in turn needs an experienced lender/investor who understands their industry and business. In all cases, we view ourselves as partners, not simply financiers.




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