Based in Toronto, Ninepoint Partners has assumed portfolio management of the Canadian diversified assets of Sprott Asset Management (SAM), including actively managed hedge and mutual funds, while also offering leading resource and precious metals strategies through an exclusive sub-advisory relationship with SAM. The new firm oversees approximately $3 billion in assets under management.
Ninepoint Partners is an independent investment manager committed to adding value to investors’ portfolios while helping to differentiate advisors’ businesses.
As a team, we have a long track-record of managing alternative income, real assets, and diversified core strategies. Innovative thinking, and our ability to apply it to real-world solutions, is what defines us.


Fundata offers mutual fund, ETF and stock information through a suite of highly customizable products and services for mutual fund companies, back-office, investment brokerages, financial advisors, data vendors and retail investors.


  Northern Coast Strategic Fund (“NCSF”) is an asset-backed, fixed income issue designed to be a “strategic” portfolio diversification tool. The fund’s residential-only, single-family-only, non-GTA mortgage strategy is ideal for investors looking to diversify an existing real estate portfolio, and NCSF’s 8% fixed interest rate is paid monthly to meet an investor’s need for regular cash flow. Northern Coast’s “manage the manager” strategy gives investors the best of two Worlds: proven Asset Managers to balance risk and return, and an investor-centric structure to maximise yield and liquidity. As such, NCSF’s mortgage origination and administration is overseen by Blackhawk Consulting (arm’s length to NCSF), with a proven CAD$300 million in mortgage administration in the past 12 years. Each mortgage is further vetted and ultimately approved by our internal Risk Manager, Daryl Ching, CFA. NCSF Series “A” Bonds (Fundserv: RBS-401) are available to all investors under applicable O/M exemptions, and NCSF Series “A” Preferred Shares are available to qualified accredited investors who require a more tax friendly structure and a more generous 10% yield. NCSF has no management fees, and commissions are paid by Northern Coast, not investors.

Dynamic Funds is one of Canada’s most recognized asset management firms. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, spanning every major sector, geographic region and investment discipline. Dynamic’s actively managed investment solutions add value to a wide variety of accounts, including fee-based, tax-advantaged, and customized high-net-worth programs.


Evolve is one of Canada’s fastest growing ETF providers since launching its first suite of ETFs via the Toronto Stock Exchange in September 2017. Evolve is a leader in thematic ETFs and specializes in bringing innovative ETFs to Canadian investors. Evolve’s suite of ETFs provide investors with access to: (i) long term investment themes; (ii) index-based income strategies; and (iii) some of the world’s leading investment managers. Established by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of success, Evolve creates investment products that make a difference. For more information, please visit


Access to a greater pool of investors can be a critical element of any investment vehicle’s growth strategy. And with interest in private alternative investments increasingly gaining traction with Canadian investors and financial advisors, to gain traction, IIROC dealers/brokers and wealth management firms present significant new market opportunities for exempt products.
Robson Capital Management’s RBS/Connect platform can help bridge the gap between private alternative investment vehicles and these marketing channels – by facilitating access through Robson’s FundSERV platform and its designation as a registered investment fund manager.
RBS/Connect can have a firm ready to start marketing to IIROC dealers/brokers and other firms that require FundSERV access in as little as two weeks, without any third party approvals required. RBS/Connect can have your fund ready to market to the thousands of investment advisors and wealth managers in Canada at a fraction of the do-it-yourself cost and without the need for any securities registration.
Funds on RBS/Connect have raised capital of over $400 million in aggregate through these channels, from nearly 30 dealers or wealth management firms and close to 200 investment advisors or portfolio managers.


As an industry pioneer, State Street Global Advisors created the first US listed ETF in 1993. Since then, each new member of the SPDR ETF family has been built to reflect our intimate knowledge of the ETF market. We believe ETFs are about finding simple solutions to help meet investors’ needs. Out ETFs seek to provide a transparent way to access specific markets. Assets under management were CAD $3.485 trillion as of December 31, 2017 with respect to which State Street Global Advisors Fund Distributors (“SSGA FD”; US Fund Distributor) serves as the marketing agent; SSGA FD and State Street Global Advisors are affiliated.


Starlight Capital is an independent asset management firm offering mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and structured products. Our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors through a disciplined investment approach, Focused Business Investing.


  CWB Maxium Financial provides financing to corporations and professionals in the financial advisor and wealth management industry. Our commercial lending is tailor made to accommodate every unique situation. From supporting our clients in scaling their businesses, to expanding capacity while managing cash flow to ensure sustainable growth, CWB Maxium adapts to meet the various financing needs of our customers.

IFSE Institute (“IFSE”) provides a world of exciting possibilities in distance learning. Specializing in mutual funds, insurance, exempt market, ETF and continuing education, IFSE is the leader in its field. Wholly owned by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) , IFSE has been providing financial services education to professionals and organizations for more than 40 years. IFSE’s goal is to empower the financial services industry as a whole, to benefit all whom the industry serves. We equip advisors with the tools they need to enhance their financial expertise and help inspire their clients’ confidence. We’re also dedicated to helping individuals improve their financial literacy through practical financial education and training courses. By building their financial knowledge, our students are also building a foundation for long-term financial success.


Old Kent Road Financial (OKR) specializes in providing bridge financing to small and mid-sized enterprises across Canada. Our non-dilutive financial solutions help companies manage their cash flow needs and let them focus on growing their business without giving up control.
OKR was created to address a significant lack of alternatives for companies looking for financing secured against Canadian Federal and/or Provincial government loans, tax credits or grants. OKR predominantly finances companies who have applied or qualified for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits however we finance other programs including:
• Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

• Southern Interior Development Trust (SIDIT)

• Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

• Interactive Digital Media Credit (IDMC)

• Canada Media Fund (CMF)

• Western Innovation Initiative (WINN)

• Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

• Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

• Build In Canada Innovation (BICI)

"The OKR Financial family of funds will collectively have up to $90 million under management by end of 2019 with the launch of a our parallel equity fund we can offer a range of finance solutions to Canadian Entrepreneurs"

To find out more, visit our website or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SGGG Fund Services Inc. (FSI) is a financial services provider that has delivered third-party administration services, solutions and expertise to asset managers since 1997. FSI provides two core services to investment fund managers: Fund Valuation and Unitholder Recordkeeping. Our comprehensive services are seamless and integrated with our clients’ operations, and our commitment to helping partners reach their goals has gained us the position as Canada’s largest administrator of alternative investment products. Through our Toronto head office, and our offshore affiliate offices in Cayman and the United States, we can provide immediate and total administrative solutions for any type and size of asset manager, at any phase of development. Drawing upon the depth of talent and breadth of experience of our 140+ employees, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of our clients’ needs. SGGG Fund Services Inc. is a true administrative partner that allows its clients to focus on managing their portfolios. The types of products administered by FSI for our Clients include: Mutual Funds / Liquid Alternatives, Pooled Funds, Limited Partnerships, Private Equity Funds, Mortgage / Real Estate / Real Property Funds, Fund of Funds / Wrap Products, Special Purpose Vehicles, Offshore Products.


  Street Capital Bank of Canada is one of Canada's largest broker-channel sourced residential mortgage lenders by market share, having originated over $40B since inception and currently has approximately $28B in mortgages under administration. Street Capital also sells a range of GIC products through established dealers and deposit brokers, which are eligible for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) coverage, up to applicable limits. We are an approved MBS Issuer/CMB Seller and an approved lender with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company and Genworth Canada.


Established in 2001, Richter Family Office is the largest multi-family office in Canada, and has earned an outstanding reputation for providing wholly independent, holistic and objective wealth advisory services to some of Canada’s wealthiest families.


  The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning (“CIFP”) began training the first financial planners in Canada in 1972. Since that time, the Institute has trained and qualified thousands of advisors to become CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals in all industry sectors including mutual funds, banking, credit unions, securities and insurance. In 2007, CIFP and CIFPs came together as one organization to provide a complete training and practitioner support offering for financial planning students and their employers. By combining the strengths of both organizations, we are now well positioned to provide a total solution from initial qualification through to post-qualification support. As we are non-profit in the interests of financial planning and the industry, CIFP can provide your firm with the best value proposition including substantial corporate discounts and customized solutions. This means substantial cost savings in today’s difficult times for your training and support budget.

  The mandate of the CIFP Retirement Institute is the advancement of the retirement planning profession through the development of the body of knowledge in retirement planning. This is accomplished by providing educational programs that support the Registered Retirement Consultant® (“RRC®”)/Conseiller en Retraite® and Conseillère en Retraite® (“CR®”), certification marks and designations, subsequent continuing education courses and administering a Code of Conduct and Practice Standards.
The Institute also promotes the use of retirement services by Canadians through public awareness, research and literacy programs.
Learn more at

  The Canadian ETF Association (CETFA) launched in 2011 and is the only association representing the ETF industry in Canada.
The mandate is simple, to work to educate the advisor community as well as institutional and retail investors on the benefits and uses of ETFs, provide industry statistics and commentary on ETF related issues to the Canadian financial media and advance industry issues with regulators, government agencies and interested third parties.
This mandate can be divided into two goals; the first goal is to create more awareness about exchange traded funds and to provide greater depth of education to investors about their usage.
The second goal would be to deal with industry specific issues, whether they are regulatory or structural, that affect all member firms. CETFA can take an activist role on behalf of all ETF providers to improve industry practices and defend the positions of member firms.
In our view, the biggest challenge to the growth of ETF usage is a lack of education about how they work and how to best appropriately use them. Many individual investors and advisors are only beginning to view ETFs as part of their investment toolkit, while more investors are embracing ETFs, the structure itself is starting to be used for a much broader range of investment strategies than the initial equity index tracking strategies ETFs are most commonly associated with.

  Wealth Professional Magazine is Canada’s definitive source of news, opinion and analysis for today’s sophisticated financial planning and advice professionals. Delivered exclusively online to Canada’s financial planners and advice community, Wealth Professional provides a real-time web service that keeps time-poor advisers up to date with the latest breaking news, cutting-edge opinion, and expert analysis affecting both their business, and their industry.
Wealth Professional is published by Key Media- a fast-growing, independently owned group of B2B media companies. It uses multi-platform business intelligence and content to put buyers and sellers together across six key verticals in six worldwide markets.

  Canadian ETF Watch is an independent organization which provides comprehensive market intelligence, news and fundamental research solutions strongly focused on the ETF markets. We are covering the ETF market globally and have launched the first global, high-end exchange traded funds magazine in Canada.
Canadian ETF Watch’s news stories focus intently on educating investors regarding specific offerings, current market trends, sectors, economies, and sentiment about every ETF market we track for our clients. We hope you find this information insightful, intelligent and in time to help you make the most of ETF investing. You will find a wealth of information in our archives, and can search for keywords targeting articles relevant to you. Please feel free to comment on any of these articles, our community appreciates every-one’s views, and outlooks.

  Canadian Hedge Watch is an educational organization whose mission is to promote the alternative investments industry in Canada and provide informational access to the Canadian marketplace through our website, seminars, forums, conferences, research and analytical tools, the HedgeWatch Monthly Report and our Hedge Fund Quarterly Industry Report.


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